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Cessnock Vet Centre & Hospital
193 Wollombi Road
NSW 2325

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02 49912377

Vetcare Kurri Clinic
Shop 16 Kingsway Plz, Barton St
Kurri Kurri
NSW 2327

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02 4937 3744
  • David Barton
    Practice Owner, Senior Veterinarian

    Dr David is the original owner of Cessnock Veterinary Hospital. Alongside his wife Cindy, they started the practice in 1989 and after building up a network of clients and staff they rebuilt, moving to our current location 2 years later in 1991.

    Now working as one of 4 partners in this clinic, David is our go to vet for anything orthopaedic related. He has a keen interest in this area of the veterinary profession and just last year, travelled to Sydney to work with one of the best in the business, Dr David Lidbetter an animal orthopaedic specialist. This gave him even more knowledge and understanding of the orthopaedic field which furthered his skills, skills he uses every day here in practice at CVH.

    However, David loves every part of his work here. He comes in everyday with a smile and a 'ready for whatever the day has to offer' attitude. He is friendly and sort after by many of our clients, both those who have been customers for years and those who are our most recent.

    He is honest, hard working and genuinely in this business for a deep love of animals

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  • Richard Evans
    Practice Owner, Senior Veterinarian

    Dr Ric (as he's fondly known around the clinic) has been a Veterinarian, Partner & Owner of Cessnock Veterinary Hospital for many years!

    He's a favourite of many clients due to his particularly kind nature & interest in every single patients story and that of their owner as well! 

    Dr Ric is up for any case, whether it be orthopaedic surgery on a Chihuahua or pulling a new born foal out of horse when it gets stuck!

    He's a very friendly, professional and incredibly skilled Vet who we would be completely lost without!

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  • Damian Burke
    Practice Owner, Senior Veterinarian

    Damian has been a veterinarian at Cessnock Veterinary Hospital since 1995, when he became a partner of the clinic.

    Recently he completed an ultrasound course to further his knowledge and add an additional area of technology to our practice. This is very helpful for times when physical examination and xrays alone aren't enough to determine an answer. Damian is our go to man for these times.

    Damian is an efficient vet who has years of experience in all areas of the veterinary profession ranging from simple vaccinations to alpaca births!

    He is a much loved member of staff who is a favourite of the staff and clients

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  • Robert Boyd
    Practice Owner, Senior Veterinarian

    Dr Rob has been a staff member & partner here at CVH since 1997. He is a vet who so many owners request to see as their animals love him almost as much they do.

    Rob is so often our go to vet for any cat questions, queries or assistance with even the most unhappiest of kitties! While he is quite knowledgeable when it comes to cats, he also has a lot of experience with all creatures, both great and small.

    Dr Rob is known and loved by all the staff and clients for his compassion and understanding, whatever the issue may be.

    There is no way this clinic would function as smoothly as it does with our Dr Rob!

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  • Andrew Robins
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr Andy is our lovable larrikin! He is always up for a laugh and friendly chat, and makes every client's visit a pleasant one.

    Being a staff member with us for approximately 5 years, Dr Andy has built a great reputation with both staff, clients and pets as our go-to Vet for anything and everything! He is always up for a challenge and handles every case with an impressive level of skill and professionalism.

    Dr Andy has done courses in ophthalmology in several species, so is often our go-to man for any difficult eye cases!

    Dr Andy is a keen cyclist and family man He is a huge asset to our team that we couldn't be without!

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  • James Grimson
    Associate Veterinarian

    Cessnock Veterinary Hospital is happy to welcome the newest member to the team, Dr. James Grimson.

    James graduated from the University of Sydney in 2012. While studying, he developed a keen interest in companion animals as well as production animals. Since graduating he worked in a busy mixed practice in the Bega Valley Shire where he cemented his interests and gained valuable knowledge. Before joining CVH he also journeyed to the UK working in various mixed practices throughout the island. James enjoys all types of work that a veterinary clinic has to offer including small animal surgery, in particular, dentistry.

  • Annabel Thomson
    Associate Veterinarian

    Annabel has been with us since the start of last year and we don't know how we've done without her!

    After working in Queensland since graduating, Bel was looking for a change to a mixed animal practice and thankfully she was the perfect fit for us here at CVH.

    Bel is a highly knowledgeable vet and isn't afraid to ask for help when she needs it.  She is generous, kind and always cares for her patients, their owners and workmates alike.

    Bel is an absolute joy to be around and a huge asset to our team!

  • Rebecca Wyatt

    Meet your new vet, Dr. Rebecca Wyatt!

    Rebecca graduated from the University of Sydney in 2016, fresh-faced and full of enthusiasm she has joined our team and blown us away with her expert professionalism and boundless compassion for her patients. 

    Rebecca is not new to working in the industry however as she worked as a veterinary nurse at Randwick Vet Med during her studies. 

    She is passionate about large and small animal medicine with a special interest in cattle work.

    In her spare time she enjoys cycling and skiing, Bec likes to keep her body and mind active!

    Welcome to CVH!