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Cessnock Vet Centre & Hospital
193 Wollombi Road
NSW 2325

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02 4991 2377

Vetcare Kurri
Shop 16 Kingsway Plz, Barton St
Kurri Kurri
NSW 2327

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02 4937 3744
  • David Barton
    Practice Owner, Senior Veterinarian

    Dr. David is the founding owner of Cessnock Veterinary Hospital. Alongside his wife Cindy, he started the practice in 1989 and after building up a network of clients and staff they rebuilt, moving to our current location 2 years later in 1991.

    David has successfully built the Veterinary Hospital we are all so proud of today - driving his staff to share his passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to the field.  David is a skilled surgeon with a special interest in orthopedic surgery, constantly expanding his knowledge and practice in this field through communication and training with various orthopedic specialists. 

    David is a keen cyclist, active family man and a role model for all who work in the industry. He owns a Wolfhound X called Finn, who is 60kg worth of love and fun.


    A181110 255
  • Damian Burke
    Practice Owner, Senior Veterinarian

    Dr. Damian has been a Veterinarian here at Cessnock Veterinary Hospital since 1995, becoming a partner in the business soon after. 

    Dr.Damian is an accomplished and skilled Veterinarian with a special interest in ultrasonography. He has completed various courses and to expand his knowledge and skill in the area, increasing our diagnostic abilities with the use of our state of the art ultrasound machine. 

    Dr. Damian enjoys hiking as well as dabbling in tennis! He owns two Labradoodles, Banjo and Wilson, who enjoy eating socks! (Uh oh).. 

    He is a much-loved member of staff who is a favorite of the staff and clients.

    A181110 247
  • Robert Boyd
    Practice Owner, Senior Veterinarian

    Dr. Rob has been a Veterinarian & partner here at CVH since 1997. 

    Rob is endlessly compassionate with all of his patients and harbors a special interest in feline medicine. Rob has completed various courses to ensure he remains up to date with the latest techniques and medical protocols, with the goal of improving the veterinary experience for cats and owners. 

    Dr. Rob lives with his family and three pets!

    Girlie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    Kipper the Kelpie

    Jaguar the Tabby Cat

    Dr. Rob enjoys an active lifestyle, often jogging with the dogs after work. 

    A181110 235
  • Andrew Robins
    Practice Owner, Senior Veterinarian

    Dr. Andy has worked as an Associate with CVH for over 10 years, joining the business partnership as of  2018. 

    Dr. Andy excels in all aspects of his veterinary career due to his passion, skill and thoughtful regard for both his patients and clients. Andy has a special interest in ophthalmology, undergoing annual training in the management and treatment of ocular conditions. 

    Andy has a busy family life, which he shares with his large and lovable Wolfhound X Indigo. 

    A181110 280
  • Madeline Hay
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Madeline began her veterinary career with CVH in 2018, moving to Cessnock from Wagga Wagga.

    Madeline enjoys the challenge of veterinary work, pushing herself to provide the highest standard of care for her patients. She is always keen to expand her knowledge on the various species we encounter here, and so has made a valuable asset to our comprehensive team. 

    Dr. Madeline is professional and friendly, winning over patients with her kind nature.

    Madeline is holding a Black Headed Python, one of our more unusual patients!

    A181110 074
  • Annabel Thomson
    Associate Veterinarian

    Dr. Annabel has been an asset to our team since 2015, leading the way in equine dentistry and health.

    Annabel has a personal history in various equine disciplines such as eventing and showing. Her passion drives her to be the outstanding professional she is today, providing exceptional care for both her small and large patients.

    Dr. Annabel has a special interest in equine dentistry, using the latest in electronic dental equipment for precise and efficient floating. 

    Annabel lives with her cat, Puss.

    She enjoys keeping fit, hiking and relaxing with her feline friend. 

    A181110 076
  • Rebecca Wyatt

    Dr. Rebecca has worked as an Associate Veterinarian for CVH since 2016.

    Rebecca excels in all aspects of the veterinary profession, with a keen interest in developing her skills in orthopedic surgery. Rebecca regularly assists with both routine and trauma-related orthopedic surgery, perfecting the dexterity required. 

    Dr. Rebecca leads a very active lifestyle with her two dogs.

    Bloop and Flynn, both border collies.

    Rebecca enjoys many sports such as mountain bike riding and skiing. 

    A181110 087
  • Audrey Yu

    Audrey graduated from Sydney University in 2018, starting her Veterinary career off with a bang here at Cessnock Veterinary Hospital.

    Audrey enjoys providing outstanding care to both her small animal and exotic patients. She takes a keen interest in wildlife medicine as well as soft tissue surgery.

    She enjoys travel, good food (especially brunch) and spending time with animals.


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